Privacy Policy


StaffQuest Placement Group Inc. (StaffQuest) takes responsibility for the personal information under its control and intends to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and Electronic Documents Act (the "Act").


The data we collect is used merely for enabling communication between the company and the individual.

Any Data gathered on our website about preferences and abilities and history are unidentifiable and are used only for the purpose of establishing possibility of mutual benefit relationships. Prior to any information being revealed for the purposes of arranging job interviews the party involved will be contacted to gain their approval to release information. Consent:

Candidates seeking positions grant the company the right to use the data they supply in an unidentifiable manner with the view to creating opportunities for them and their peers.

Any person requesting their data to be removed will be complied with.

Users of StaffQuest's site services grant the company the right to use their volunteered data (name, address, payment information, shipping information, fax, phone, email address) for the purpose of completing the transactions. This information is available only for the completion of the transaction. The information may be examined by legally constituted oversight organizations such as Tax Auditors.

Limited collection:

StaffQuest's technology does NOT use cookies or web bugs to monitor users.

StaffQuest does not allow any market researchers or wholesale advertiser services access to its sites or to any collection of data.

StaffQuest Inc. collects in the course of the provision of our services a person's: e-mail address, name, geographic address, and means of contact - phone or fax number. In StaffQuest, a person's employment background is also required information.

In the recruitment and placement of any individual utilizing our services, StaffQuest DOES NOT require ANY candidate or job seeker to pay ANY money at ANYTIME. StaffQuest is paid by the client corporation requesting it's recruiting services. Limited Use, Disclosure and Retention:

Data is retained for 7 years as required by law. Data is only collected when a candidate has chosen to include their information on the Application Data System after being informed about its capabilities. The candidate's data is separated from their name and address to guard their privacy. The job history does not reveal the employing company as a further safeguard. That information is only ever revealed if and when the candidate agrees to such release to a specific employer.

Information is only stored for internal record management and legal compliance. Auditors, Tax Auditors, Worker Compensation Auditors may have access to this data in their regular oversight duties relating to our firm. They may look and read but not remove any information.


The company periodically audits the files for accuracy by contacting the individual involved. Anyone may contact our Privacy Officer to verify or update their personal information.


Every precaution is taken to ensure that all data is safeguarded.


Our privacy policy is strict. Security is in place to prevent unauthorized access. Please contact our Privacy Officer for additional information about Policy or related matters.

System Access:

Any person may inquire about the information on their file. They do so by contacting the Privacy Officer.


In addition to all the normal remedies, StaffQuest's website is a quality feedback system that makes it easy for any person to communicate in absolute privacy with the President of the company, bypassing all other staff, if they so desire.

The necessary resources are activated and processed through the President.